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About Us


      OCCC was founded in 1985 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax ID number 77-0214313 , based choral group to serve the city of Campbell and other Santa Clara Valley communities. Our seasonal concerts, one at Christmas and one in the spring, give our members the opportunity to share their musical talents with the larger community, and to reach their own creative potential through artistic performance. Our spring concerts feature a diverse selection  of​ musical programs, including Disney, Broadway, Country, Jazz, Rock n Roll, and Folk music. Our Christmas concerts highlight a variety of holiday  music, both secular and spiritual. Our members host a reception after our concerts, which is our way of saying, "Thank You!" to our audience, and it gives OCCC an opportunity to interact with the larger community.

     One of OCCC's primary objectives is to promote charity to the larger community, through our musical performances.  Currently, we perform for the Valley Village Retirement Community in Santa Clara, and the Carol of Lights in downtown Campbell.  In addition, we participate in a benefit concert for Next Door Solutions for Domestic Violence, annually, in March. There are currently five choruses that participate in the benefit concert and all proceeds are donated to Next Door Solutions. 







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